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About Saitou Museum

Saitou Museum consists of a group of works collected by psychiatrist Saitō Yōichi. The collection is not only based on the beauty of works but its own originality and the dedication to works showing artists’ struggle. Among the works collected without being bound by prejudice, there are many works that have fallen out of the mainstream of art history. It is one of the missions of the museum to carefully pick up such works and try to re-evaluate the rich modern and contemporary art not only in Japan but also overseas.

The land of Matsusaka was visited by many people from all over the country as a town along the highway leading to Ise Jingu. The land of Matsusaka prospered due to the accumulation of information and supplies, while Matsusaka cotton (Ise cotton), which was born in the Edo period as a local industry, was brought to the whole country, mainly in Edo. The economically prosperous region was frequently visited by painters and cultural figures, and the soil where cultural background was regarded as important as the two wheels of economic activity was cultivated.

Currently, in Matsusaka, there established about four cultural institutions. First, Matsusaka City Cultural Asset Center "Haniwa Museum" which introduces the Kofun period ,etc. The second, Motoori Norinaga Memorial Museum constructed in the Edo period. The third, Former Hasegawa Residence and Former Ozu Residence (Matsusaka merchants). And 4th, there is Matsuura Takeshiro Memorial Museum for the godfather of Hokkaido. In such a facility that introduces the cultures of various fields of each era, Saitō Museum introduces and disseminates art from modern to modern times, both inside and outside, to introduce Matsusaka and the world to the past and present. We aim to be a bridge that connects us.

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